Shipping Costs

Every zone (Spain, European Union, etc.) has his own shipping costs.

Shipping according to weight*

Until 100g
From 100 to 200g
From 200 to 300g
From 300 to 400g
From 400 to 500g
From 500 to 750g
From 750 to 1000g
From 1000 to 1500g
From 1500 to 2000g
More than 2000g

* Calculation of shipping costs is based on the following weights:

Paper-Case = 30-60g
Maxi-Case = 80-120g
Album-Case = 100-120g
DVD = 150-250g

The exact shipping costs for deliveries abroad will be calculated and displayed during the checkout process. Therefore the overview about the expected shipping costs above is just for orientation.