About Us

The label Nordhausen Schallplatten was created in 2006 by Eladi Ferrer, music lover and fan from a very young age of bands like Depeche Mode, Erasure, Front 242, The Cure, Kraftwerk, And One and many more.
Manager of musical venues in Barcelona and traveling all over the world most part of his time, enlarged his route into the world of electronic music getting in touch with bands, producers and managers from Europe, Asia and America.

At Nordhausen Schallplatten we consider ourselves an independent music label that helps electronic music artists, paying special attention to the respect of the artists’ rights, moving between values of professionalism, creativity and cooperation.

At Nordhausen Schallplatten we also take over the artists’ musical promotion through the setup of concerts, advertising, musical marketing, etc., to get the artists to their target audience. Other services that we offer are the social media management, design and manufacturing of merchandising, mailings for press releases, as well as the creation of biographies.


At Nordhausen Schallplatten we publish national and international records, with a special attention to good quality productions in management and recording level.
We give answer to the artists’ needs in an accurate and personnalised way, at a mastering level as well at management of codes ISRC, EAN, UPC…

From Nordhausen Schallplatten we try to help the artists in the world of musical production and distribution, digital and physical, in order to make your music reach as many people as possible.

We shorten the way and make it easier for you to reach your goals!