Des Âmes Libres | Des Âmes Libres (CD)

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Artist: Des Âmes Libres
Title: Des Âmes Libres
Format: CD
Genre: Dark Wave, Electronic, Noise
Release Date: 2013

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Des Âmes Libres: Des Âmes Libres

In this first release, the French-Spanish band displays a big bunch of musical genres and concerns that show the very background of three experienced musicians.

There is a common thread that calls to the density of sound, the darkness, the hypnotic rhythms and the experimentation with textures all mixed up with deeply catchy melodies.

Tribute to Alan Vega (Car Crash, based in a real-life experience in which part of the band nearly died on the road), enraged post-punk track (Nothing means Nothing), 80s-like pop music (Twenty Thousand Miles from You) and infectious rhythms like Today not Tomorrow and Drag On the Wind, made of this collection of songs a notorious and daring start for the band

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Weight48 g


  1. Drag on the Wind
  2. Today not Tomorrow
  3. Let them all go die in Hell
  4. Car Crash
  5. Twenty Thousand miles from you
  6. Electricity
  7. Nothing Means Nothing
  8. Inachevé
  9. One Day
  10. Temple