Destino Plutón | Hipervínculos (EP single MP3 download)


Artist: Destino Plutón
Title: Hipervínculos (EP Single)
Format: single MP3 download
Genre: Synthpop
Release Date: 2016

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Destino Plutón: Hipervínculos (EP Single)

One of the most catchy songs from Itinerarios de vida alternativa deserved a single with high quality remixes. With names like Silica Gel or Cyborgdrive it’s difficult to choose the best version.


  1. Hipervínculos
  2. Líneas paralelas
  3. Naves espaciales de cartón
  4. Hipervínculos (Cyborgdrive Remix)
  5. Dímelo (Yunberzerk&Nihilism Remix)
  6. Hipervínculos (Silica Gel Remix)
  7. Dímelo (Atk Epop Mix)
  8. Hipervínculos (The Sproj3ct Mix)
  9. Hipervínculos (Versión Berna3cdj)