Reflection | Ad Continuum (album MP3 download)


Artist: Reflection
Title: Ad Continuum
Format: album MP3 download
Genre: Synthpop
Release Date: 2024
Label: Nordhausen Schallplatten


Reflection: Ad Continuum

In Reflection’s words: Ad Continuum represents a sound journey that marks the end of an era and at the same time the beginning of a new horizon for the band. Each end is a new beginning.

In this album you will be able to enjoy some remixes and versions from Alpha et Omega. And the amazing song Otra Chance Más with Silica Gel.

“Towards the stars through difficulties”


  1. Due sono uno a Roma (Zedna Remix)
  2. Sin retorno (Julian Murias Remix)
  3. Pensar no es sentir (Parralox Remix)
  4. Los viernes siempre llueve (People Theatre Weather Remix)
  5. I’m gonna die (Cyborgdrive Remix)
  6. Destiny (Nohycit Remix)
  7. Depende de mí (Farmacia Remix)
  8. Otra chance más (Club Mix) featuring Silica Gel
  9. We can (Hidden Souls Remix)
  10. Be nothing (DMT Berzerk Remix)