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Des Âmes Libres

Des Âmes Libres

Des Âmes Libres believe in their fate.

The formation of the band was due to a bundle of circumstances that have something to do with three concepts: space, time and death.

On June 2012 the whole context was created: David Law (voice, guitar) and David Jornet (keyboards, programming) from Paris, and German Sánchez (bass, programming) from Barcelona, started giving shape to this project.

In just one year they found their sound and published the first album “Des Âmes Libres”, which was positively welcome in the european underground scene.

Des Âmes Libres use technology, but in an unpredictable way. They use analogic instruments from the 70’s , as well as virtual instruments like an iPad. And this is what give them their own personality!

They also use more conventional instruments, like guitars or electric bass, and this combination offers us claustrophobic, electric, and deeply intense atmospheres.