Des Âmes Libres | Animal (maxi FLAC download)


Artist: Des Âmes Libres
Title: Animal
Format: maxi FLAC download
(audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio)
Genre: Dark Wave, Electronic, Noise
Release Date: 2nd March 2018

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Des Âmes Libres: Animal

After realeasing their new album, Des Âmes Libres, delight us with Animal, a single with 4 different remixes and an unreleased song (Unknown Run).


  1. Animal (Single Edit)
  2. Animal (DJ. Frank KWM Rock Version RMX)
  3. Animal (Mauri RMX)
  4. Animal (Animal in a Disco Srg Mesa RMX)
  5. Animal (Ciccone RMX)
  6. Unknown Run (Unreleased Track)