Des Âmes Libres | Remixes (CD)

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Artist: Des Âmes Libres
Title: Remixes
Format: CD
Genre: Dark Wave, Electronic, Noise
Release Date: 2016

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Des Âmes Libres: Remixes

Compilation of remixes produced by an exquisite selection of Spanish electronic music artists. This is not the classical remixes album but goes far beyond: the guest artists felt absolutely free to give their very own version of the songs of the band.

REMIXES is a stroll through darkness, risk, noise and experimentation. REMIXES is a completely new album which common thread are just the tracks of the two first records of the band. A must!

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Weight54 g


  1. Cracked Soul – Fernando Lagreca Mix
  2. Nightmare – Tecib Remix
  3. Manipules – Jose * Remix
  4. Up And Down – Brunetto Remix
  5. You Get lost – Santi Plagio Remix
  6. The End – Vadim Tudor Remix
  7. Anonyme – Cuartilla y Muto Remix
  8. Car crash – Pina Remix
  9. Today not Tomorrow – Tiger Menja Zebra Remix
  10. Electricity – Nev.era Remix
  11. Drag on the Wind – Fibla Remix