Destino Plutón | Accidentes Creativos (FLAC download)


Artist: Destino Plutón
Title: Accidentes Creativos
Format: album FLAC download
(audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio)
Genre: Synthpop
Release Date: 2014


Destino Plutón: Accidentes Creativos

Accidentes Creativos: formed by some songs that Destino Plutón recorded during 2013. Starting from an initial idea, they gave shape to each theme in the best way, helped by their machines. They say they still trust them.


  1. Destino Plutón (Puntos de luz)
  2. Corbatas, Trajes y Superpoderes
  3. Burbuja de vacío
  4. Vuelvo
  5. La agonía del 7
  6. La cafetera analógica
  7. Corbatas, trajes y superpoderes(JM71 remix)