Reflection | Anima (album FLAC download)


Artist: Reflection
Title: Anima
Format: album FLAC download
(audio coding format for lossless compression of digital audio)
Genre: Synthpop
Release Date: 2022
Label: Nordhausen Schallplatten

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Reflection: Anima

The Argentinian duo Reflection presents a new album. Anima (Soul in Latin), It is an album more focused on light, as opposed to UMBRA which is “sadder”. Love and heartbreaking in a synthpop format.

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  1. De tus latidos
  2. Otra chance más
  3. Depende de mí
  4. Si que te has ido
  5. When you are
  6. We can
  7. Now I can sleep
  8. Y voy