Tröika | Tiranía de lo doméstico (Vinyl)

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Artist: Tröika
Title: Tiranía de lo doméstico
Format: Vinyl
Genre: Synthpop
Release Date: October 2018

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Tröika: Tiranía de lo doméstico

Tröika’s musical approach is reminiscent of EBM and synthpop, mainly influenced by bands like Depeche Mode, And One and VNV Nation. With bleak songs and deep lyrics, wrapped in a dark electronic sound, they offer us an excellent debut album “Tiranía de lo doméstico”.

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Weight250 g


Side A:

  1. Asincrónico
  2. Declaración Institucional
  3. Pripyat
  4. Dr. Sueño
  5. Luz perdida

Side B:

  1. Huesos
  2. En descomposición
  3. Lejos
  4. Malditos espejos
  5. Puzzles