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Beyond Obsession

Beyond Obsession

Beyond Obsession is a band formed by Nils Upahl and André Wylar. It seems that the combination of Hamburg-Potsdam gives wings and energy to the band.

Beyond Obsession was founded in 2012 and just a year later, their first single “On My Way” and their debut album “Listen, Learn and Speak” were released.

After almost 5 years, they have added two great albums to their catalogue: Pieces of Machinery (2015) and Moments of Truth (2016). They have toured with bands like And One, Camouflage, Solar Fake, Project Pitchfork, Covenant and Mesh, and the amount of fans increased after every concert.

Their synthpop sound combined with a high quality voice, which is not so common within the dark scene, has given them the success they deserve.