Conmutadores | Hello (Remixes) (album MP3 download)


Artist: Conmutadores
Title: Hello (Remixes)
Format: album MP3 download
Genre: Synthpop
Release Date: 2012

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Conmutadores: Hello (Remixes)

Conmutadores was founded in 2012 and their debut album “Hello” was released that same year. Hello was received with good reviews. Since this first album you can notice how much the band cares about every detail: production, lyrics, melodies…

Now we also have the remixes from those songs!


  1. I want to see (remix by 8º Pasajero)
  2. Take my hand (remix by Lifelong Corporation)
  3. My Angel (remix by Neosynth)
  4. Nothing without you (remix by Oblique)
  5. Now the stars shining (remix by Conttrol)
  6. Goodbye (remix by Javier Galea)
  7. Close your eyes (remix by Syncro)
  8. Run (remix by Maralian)
  9. Panic (remix by Bolmer)
  10. Disorder (remix by Victor Lefreak)
  11. I lose control (remix by VictorM.)